Jul 21

Today In My Garden

One of my plans when I first started blog­ging was to cre­ate an online jour­nal of what was going on in my gar­den. So let me tell you about my day…


Today I mar­veled at the per­fec­tion and beauty of my squash plants. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware that they won’t stay this lovely. These per­fectly formed and perky leaves will start to wilt. The bugs will dis­cover them and chew tiny holes in them, some in lace-like pat­terns. Some leaves will wither and yel­low even as the squash starts arriv­ing by the bushel full.

But for now, I love these squash plants. They are per­fect. They are mam­moth. My hand can­not even reach from one side of the leaf to the other. Today, they rep­re­sent the poten­tial of abun­dance and are an orna­ment to my garden.

Today I also picked black­eyed peas. I have never grown them before, but a fam­ily friend gave me some seedlings she pur­chased at the local Amish mar­ket. Frankly, it was dur­ing the throes of spring plant­ing and I just plunked them in a con­ve­nient spot. They are, per­haps, a bit crowded. And at first I thought they would need some sort of trel­lis to climb. But they have done just fine here, shoot­ing up their long pods above the plants.


It was very sat­is­fy­ing pick­ing a whole bucket of these beans today. Tomor­row I will shell them and find some appro­pri­ate dish to high­light their fresh­ness. Secretly (okay, secret’s out), I am grate­ful that the men in my house do not like black­eyed peas. ALL MINE!

I also admired my pink bed today. When I planted the cock’s comb seedlings in the bed near the cone flow­ers I didn’t real­ize they would inter­min­gle so com­pan­ion­ably. But now I think I’ll do this again, since it’s a win­ning combination.


The cone flow­ers also make me smile because they are from a clump of flow­ers given to me by a friend about four years ago. I always think of her and her hus­band when I see them.

I also started har­vest­ing the seeds from my spent cilantro plants. These corian­der seeds will be a fine, fresh addi­tion to some dish. I’ll need to begin explor­ing recipes soon to take advan­tage of the new harvest.

So, aside from the water­ing and bush squish­ing, that was my gar­den today.

What was going on in your gar­den today?

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14 Responses to “Today In My Garden”

  1. Carol, May Dreams Gardens Says:

    I’ve got lots of green beans and cucum­bers and my squash plants are dying, but I did get some squash.

    I love that flower com­bi­na­tion. Might try that myself!

  2. Pam/Digging Says:

    Don’t you love those serendip­i­tous com­bi­na­tions? That one’s a winner.

  3. Kim Says:

    Love the combo — what is the flower with the cone­flower? I’d like to try some of those.

  4. Christine Says:

    AAAh­h­h­h­h­h­hhh, the joys of pre-bug squash plants. I planted six squash and six zuc­chini so that I might get a bit before the bugs killed each and every one.

  5. Heather's Garden Says:

    I’ve had the same strug­gle with my blog, but I’ve found I get a kick out of peo­ple read­ing it, but it’s not really my first goal. First and fore­most it’s a gar­den jour­nal for me, sec­ondly an out­let for sti­fled cre­ativ­ity through pho­tog­ra­phy, and lastly a source of com­mu­nity allow­ing me to reach out to other gar­den­ers for advice. I will admit that I’m a lit­tle shocked that there have been days when over 100 peo­ple found it inter­est­ing enough to stop by.

  6. Kate Says:

    Well, I’m sure our old gar­den is absolutely thriv­ing and I may go back to visit it this week and get some toma­toes and see if the corn is ready. The sad­dest thing about leav­ing our home in Mary­land was leav­ing the gar­den there. It was my husband’s refuge.

  7. Lisa in CA Says:

    Don’t ya just love when a plant­ing com­bi­na­tion comes together so beau­ti­fully! And I know just what you mean by lov­ing your squash plants–I kinda have a thing for mine too, LOL.

  8. Rick Says:

    I do not believe I have ever heard so many ode’s to the squash as I have read here.
    Long live the Squash!

  9. Terra Says:

    I joined Blogher just this minute, and yours is the first blog here I have vis­ited.
    I live in CA and can grow the same plants you do.
    My own blog is about gar­den­ing, my jour­ney as a Chris­t­ian writer, book reviews and occa­sional book give­aways, etc.
    Glad to meet you.

  10. Nancy Says:

    This is also my first time to blog..I just com­pleted the mas­ter gard­ner course in SC so I’m very excited about learn­ing more. Loved see­ing your pictures!

  11. Dee/reddirtramblings Says:

    We love your vir­tual fence. We will always chat over it, Girl. Your squash plants are lovely, and the cone­flow­ers mixed with the lia­tris is stunning.~~Dee

  12. Rhonda Says:

    I started my blog for the same rea­son, but it doesn’t seem to have turned out that way..LOL You squash is sim­ply lovely…pray the bugs stay away a bit longer.

  13. sky Says:

    wow at the squash! you are goin to have some mighty tasty din­ners soon!

  14. Stephanie Says:

    I love your blog! I have a lit­tle blog to record the goings on in my gar­den (and other hob­bies, as well), and even if nobody ever reads it, it is a great resource for me. I can look back and remem­ber all my pre­vi­ous gar­den­ing foibles since I’m a novice, and it helps me remem­ber what those plants were, where I put them, and I what I learned. I’m so glad there are more expe­ri­enced gar­den­ers like YOU blog­ging so I can learn from things other than my own mis­takes. :)
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..March­ing Back­wards =-.

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