This week is all about cucum­bers. How about this Armen­ian Yard­long Cucum­ber? Yes, it is sup­posed to be this light yel­low, almost white color. And this one is well on its way to being a yard long.

Unfor­tu­nately, my first Armen­ian Yard­long Cucum­ber was bitter.

Here’s a great way to enjoy the fla­vor of your gar­den fresh cucumbers–Asian Cucum­ber Salad. My favorite!


3 medium cucum­bers, peeled, de-seeded, sliced length­wise and in thin slices
1 table­spoon kosher salt
3 table­spoons rice wine vine­gar
3 table­spoons toasted sesame oil
1/2 tea­spoon sugar
1/4 tea­spoon hot red pep­per flakes
1 1/2 table­spoons sesame seeds, toasted in a skil­let until golden brown

Toss the cucum­bers with the kosher salt and place in a colan­der in the sink. Place an ice-filled bag on the cucum­bers to drain for 45 min­utes to an hour. Whisk all the remain­ing ingre­di­ents, except the sesame seeds, until blended and the sugar is dis­solved. Rinse the cucum­bers and dry with paper tow­els. Toss the cucum­bers and dress­ing. Top with sesame seeds and serve immediately.

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11 Responses to “Got Cucumbers? Try this Asian Cucumber Salad”

  1. TC Says:

    I’m so mad; our cukes got wilt dis­ease from an early infes­ta­tion of the dreaded cucum­ber beetle!

    Your’s look marvelous!

    (And don’t you just love your Felcos?)

  2. Lacey Says:

    Mmmm … this sounds so good! I can’t wait until my cucum­bers are ready so I can try it!

  3. perennialgardenlover Says:

    This sounds really yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  4. GardenGuru Says:

    Great post, I’ll have to try some. I don’t know when I’ll ever get around to plant­ing my own veg­gies though. My liri­ope ground­cover keeps me busy.

  5. Margaret Says:

    That is some cucum­ber! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dee/reddirtramblings Says:

    Robin,what a nice twist on cucum­ber salad. I’ll be try­ing it. Let us know how the next Armen­ian cuke tastes.~~Dee

  7. Blackswampgirl Kim Says:

    Huh… that looks really deli­cious, Robin! My grand­mother always made a cucum­ber salad with vine­gar, sugar, and onions. Your Asian ver­sion would be a great mod­ern alternative.

  8. Brenda Kula Says:

    I have always savored a good cucum­ber, cool from the fridge, but they don’t always like me. (Acid reflux; need I say more?) I need to start some veg­gies for fall. It’s too hot for most every­thing in East Texas right now. Scorch­ing and no rain in sight. If you hap­pen to hear from some, please send it this way, will ya?

  9. eliz Says:

    I am seri­ously tempted, though, of course, I have no home­grown cucum­bers. I’ll find some­one else’s.

  10. Gail Says:

    I had a home­grown cuke that totally sur­prised me…it was round. Appar­ently an Heir­loom Lemon Yel­low and delicious.…but I didn’t grow it…the Amish farm­ers did. The recipe looks delicious!

  11. Ann Says:

    Has any­one preserved/canned cucum­bers either whole or sliced to be used for cucum­ber salad later? or even the picked cucum­ber salad com­pleted would be good too. We have canned a ton of pick­les already and would like to have some cucum­ber salad in win­ter. I’m think­ing of just try­ing it and see how it turns out.

Garden and food writer Robin Ripley is co-author of Grocery Gardening. Her new book, Wisdom for Home Preservers, is now available from Taunton Press. Bumblebee is about her life in rural Maryland, her garden, cooking, dogs and pet chickens. She also blogs about food and chickens at Eggs & Chickens. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Thank you for visiting.


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