Sep 29

Isn’t She Lovely?

Edna is a stan­dard white crested blue. I con­sider her one of my glamor chick­ens.  She’s a bit high-strung and tends to be flighty. I can’t help but won­der if some of it has to do with her hair in her eyes.

She is also a bit sneaky. When I go to open the coop door in the morn­ing, Edna almost invari­ably tries to sneak past me for her own pri­vate walk­a­bout in the gar­den. Often she suc­ceeds, but then almost imme­di­ately regrets her actions since she’s sep­a­rated from her friends.

Edna should start lay­ing in about another month.

edna collage2

This is the first in a photo series fea­tur­ing the chick­ens from the lit­tle flock here at Bumblebee.

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24 Responses to “Isn’t She Lovely?”

  1. MA Says:

    Edna totally rocks. She reminds me of one of those Vegas dancers with the big headress!

  2. heather Says:

    She is lovely. She sort of reminds me of Carol Channing.

  3. Rick Says:

    Heather’s com­ment gave me a laugh!
    Yes, she does remind me as well of Carol Chan­ning. Robin, is there any way you could paint her beak bright red? HA!
    She looks like a small thing, you must report if she lays small eggs as well.

  4. cityslipper (social marketing strategies) Says:

    NO! Please don’t do a Robin’s Chick­ens pin-up series!!! I’m weak­en­ing enough. When you show­case your glamor girls indi­vid­u­ally, how will I be able to resist acquir­ing my own chickens.

    Do you use the word “devi­ous” in your resume?

  5. Terry Says:

    What a beau­ti­ful chicken! I so wish I could have a few chick­ens in the city I live in.

  6. Layanee Says:

    She is a stun­ning strut­ter and looks secure with her head apparel. Just the bird for an upscale gar­den. Will she lay a del­i­cate egg?

  7. Robin Says:

    Well, I see that you did get a chicken mosaic. Edna is quite the beauty!

  8. feralchick Says:

    Her name is perfect!

  9. Shannon Says:

    What a cool-looking chicken!

  10. Gail Says:

    Hey Robin, She is a beauty and brainy, too. More chicken sto­ries, please. gail

  11. Mr. McGregor's Daughter Says:

    Okay, how did you get the chicken to pose? Those pho­tos are fan­tas­tic. And while Heather sees Carol Chan­ning, I see Pren­tice Marshall.

  12. Chiot's Run Says:

    Well, she prob­a­bly is all wor­ried about mess­ing up that hair and get­ting dirty! I’d be high-strung as well if I was always wear­ing a beau­ti­ful dress in the garden :)

  13. Andrea at Heavy Petal Says:

    Oh, she’s lovely. And I love the photo mon­tage. Can’t wait to meet the rest of your chickens!

  14. Meredith Says:

    I am already long­ing to start my own back­yard flock — my fiance calls it my “chicken lust” — but then you have to go and post pics like these. Edna is so lovely! What a clever head­dress she has, even if it does get in her eyes sometimes.

    I’ll def­i­nitely be drop­ping by to see the rest of your chick pics.

  15. Kare Says:

    How very Zsa Zsa Gabor! I love her!

  16. Linda Starr Says:

    She’s beau­ti­ful, a chicken with attitude.

  17. joeltheurbangardener Says:

    Oh Edna, Oh My. Wow, what a chicken!
    –Great to find you on Blotanical.

  18. Kate Says:

    Ohhh is she a pol­ish? I want a pol­ish and a silkie just so I can have 2 ridicu­lous chickens.…but alas I have 3 and I told myself that 3 is the limit. She’s gorgeous!

  19. Blackswampgirl Kim Says:

    Oooh… she’s so pretty! But she looks much too del­i­cate to actu­ally lay any eggs. :)

    (Although now… I can’t look at her with­out pic­tur­ing Carol Chan­ning. Specif­i­cally as the “white queen” in that awe­some TV pro­duc­tion of Alice in Won­der­land from the early 90s or so.)

  20. Hortist Says:

    wow, she’s rocking :)

  21. Wendy Says:

    Hello from a fel­low Marylander!

    These pho­tos of Edna are hilar­i­ous! You can really see her per­son­al­ity shine though. She’s beautiful.

  22. Renee Says:

    I can’t believe I’m say­ing this, but what a beau­ti­ful chicken! I’m def­i­nitely not a coun­try girl, but your blog has almost con­vinced me… although I’d only move to your house and Martha’s of course.

    Con­grat­u­la­tions to your son and fam­ily on his appoint­ment! My hus­band is a West Point grad and we have/had quite a few friends from the Citadel and North Geor­gia and they’re all just awe­some peo­ple. Your son must be excep­tional as well!

  23. Beth Says:

    Edna is such a cutie!

  24. Alexandra Says:

    This is the first time that I’ve been to your blog… I’ll try to visit

    it again and again.
    You are get­ting chick­ens! My mom got chick­ens when I was a school­girl.
    I’d like to get chick­ens but I can,t. My best wishes…

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