I have never done a Word­less Wednes­day before. (Wait! Am I sup­posed to credit some­one for ‘Word­less Wednes­day?’ I don’t want to get in trou­ble with the gar­den blog police!) But today, the temps were in the 60s and the hens were in the woods. (Doh!! Words!)

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11 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Hens in the Woods”

  1. commonweeder Says:

    My chick­ens are still cooped up — dream­ing of frol­ick­ing like yours.

  2. Layanee Says:

    I loved it but it was not ‘word­less’. LOL

  3. Carolyn♥ Says:

    Those must be mighty happy chickens…

  4. magickwrds Says:

    Hahaha– this made me gig­gle out loud!I agree– some­times I feel the same way, like there is a blog sen­sor­ship out there, just wait­ing to smack knuck­les with a ruler, or pitch­fork. Lovely gar­den– thanks for sharing!

  5. Reed Says:

    I am word­less after read­ing this… :)

    Loved your blog!

  6. Gail Says:

    They look happy!

  7. CurtissAnn Says:

    Oh, what a strik­ing photo. They do look con­tent, lucky girls. I loved walk­ing in my woods years ago at this time of year. :)

  8. Mrs bok Says:

    They’re so lucky being able to for­age in the woods. Lov­ing your blog.

  9. Robin Ripley Says:

    Thanks all and thanks for visiting.

    Yes, the chick­ens adore their for­age time in the woods. They also love run­ning through the yard and tear­ing up my flower beds!


  10. Sherry Says:

    It not looks like a chicken..Thanks for sharing..

  11. Mike Brown Says:

    That looks noth­ing like a chicken, Ive never seen any­thing like it !