Later on this evening we’re hav­ing a big birth­day cel­e­bra­tion Chez Bum­ble­bee. It’s my husband’s mmmmm birth­day cel­e­bra­tion and I want to do it up right. His favorite meal. Favorite wine. Favorite cake. Can­dles. Flow­ers. Oh, and those flow­ers? We have some mums!

This year I have seen some stun­ning arrange­ments of mums. So I decided to pull together a mum-featured arrange­ment for the birth­day boy using plants that I could later plant out into the gar­den. It just so hap­pens that the Lowe’s Cre­ative Ideas  peo­ple offered us a mum chal­lenge this month too—with a $50 Lowe’s gift card give­away. (That’s right. Pay atten­tion, peo­ple, because there could be some­thing in all this for you.)

I went to Lowe’s search­ing for a nice com­bi­na­tion of plants that would work both in the arrange­ment for the table and that I could also reuse in the gar­den. Here’s what went into this arrange­ment and the costs:

Two Pur­ple Mums (Chrysan­the­mum x mori­folium) — $13.96

Two Lacey Blue Russ­ian Sage (Per­ovskia atrip­li­ci­fo­lia ‘Lisslitt’) — $15.96

One Big Twister Rush (Jun­cus effusus ‘Big Twister’) — $6.98

Three Dianthus – $8.94

Con­tainer — Mine

SUBTOTAL — $45.84

Lowe’s 10% Mil­i­tary Dis­count — $4.58

TOTAL — $41.26

Besides a very nice table arrange­ment that we can enjoy at the party and for the next few days, I also have sev­eral plants that will work right into my gar­den. Win-win!

Now you can win too. As part of the Lowe’s Cre­ative Ideas pro­gram, I can give away a $50 Lowe’s gift cer­tifi­cate to one reader. So, leave a com­ment on this post by Wednes­day, Octo­ber 17, and you might be the one. You can make your own mum arrange­ment or pick up sup­plies for your own next DIY project.

Happy birth­day, Harry! I love you.

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33 Responses to “Whole Lotta Party Goin’ On…And Mums are Invited (And There’s a $50 Giveaway!)”

  1. Celia Says:

    I did not have much luck with mums this year, but I do like them!

  2. Ashley C Says:

    I’ve been want­ing to get some mums to put out on our porch!


  3. Julie Says:

    Love lowes thanks

  4. Cindy Aiton Says:

    Thank you so much for offer­ing such a gen­er­ous give­away! I would use the gift card to buy some pretty fall plants and maybe a pump­kin or two. :)

  5. Cara Says:

    New to your blog and enjoy­ing it. I loved your but­ter­fly bush video.

  6. Joan Says:

    Loved your table arragment,Hope that yall had a great time at the party

  7. Brenda @the blonde gardener Says:

    I love the mum arrange­ment. I also like to do arrange­ments where I can plant later and enjoy for years.

  8. Cindy Says:

    What a fan­tas­tic cen­ter­piece! Thanks for the oppor­tu­nity to win the gift card! Love your blog!!

  9. Merrilee Says:

    Fun! Always love thrifty ideas.

  10. DeDe @ Designed Decor Says:

    Love the fall col­ors and the many col­ors of mums! Happy day to your hubby!

  11. Sheila Says:

    I love mums for fall. Your arrange­ment looks great, espe­cially the Twister Rush. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine Says:

    Can never have too many mums!

  13. Mary Ryan Says:

    Your arrange­ment is beau­ti­ful. I love mums and have them on my roof top ter­race. Would love more! Happy birth­day to your husband! :)

  14. Raeann Says:

    Your arrange­ment is lovely! I do love Russ­ian Sage! ;~}
    I planted sev­eral small mums and pan­sies in some vin­tage con­tain­ers that hang on our fence lin­ing our dri­ve­away. The deer ate them! ALL!! I knew deer ate pan­sies, but didn’t know they would eat the mums! I could use that gift cer­tifi­cate to pur­chase new plants for the pots ~ some­thing the deer won’t eat! Thanks for the chance with your giveaway!

  15. Deanna G. Says:

    Love the arrangement! :)

  16. Lisa Says:

    I love Lowes. I buy most of my plants there. Beau­ti­ful display!

  17. Marissa Says:

    Hmmm… what to do with fifty bucks at Lowe’s.

  18. Carol Says:

    What a pretty arrange­ment. I made a spin through our local Lowes on Sun­day and came out with one mum. They had a good assortment.

  19. sarahliz Says:

    Just saw this. What a pretty arrange­ment.
    Hope I’m not too late to get into the give-away.

  20. livivua c Says:

    i love mums and the col­ors are just great for home decor or out­side decor

  21. Vicki Juhlin Says:

    The fat black cat sat qui­etly next to this arrange­ment nib­bling gen­tly on the tall greens then leans over to sniff the pretty pink flow­ers but ahh one sniff is not enough, another and another the she just bites in rip­ping out the flow­ers clump after clump dirt fly­ing every­where then she squats in the dirt to do her business,rakes the dirt lightly over it and wan­ders off. time to go to lowes to get sup­plies for another arrange­ment. Sure could use $50 gift cer­tifi­cate here!

  22. Lisa W Says:

    Mums were always my favorite flower because I love the fall…until I dis­cov­ered hydrangeas! I’m think­ing I could use the Lowes card to replace the dead tree by my front porch!

  23. Shelia David Says:

    Thank you for show­ing us this beau­ti­ful fall arrange­ment!! I would love to try and make the same one!!!Love your cre­ativ­ity. Please post more!!! I could use the Lowe’s card to replace dead shrubs from our harsh sum­mer here in Okla­homa. Thanks!

  24. Kelly Says:

    I love mums, I didn’t appre­ci­ate their value in my younger days but I absolutely love them now. What a pretty arrangement!

    You paps are adorable too! We have 2 as well, Betsy and Ella.

  25. Vanessa Williams Says:

    cre­ative & beau­ti­ful ~ love it!

  26. Cheval Says:

    Great idea, will remem­ber for next party

  27. Kirsti Says:

    What a stun­ning arrange­ment! That is no sur­prise since you do every­thing with such taste and flair!

  28. Cindy, MCOK Says:

    You are indeed totally awe­some … even when you’re not giv­ing away gift cards!

  29. Layanee Says:

    You know you are and so is your cre­ative con­tainer. Love it and a big Happy Birth­day to that Harry. I am wild about Harry.

  30. Patsy Bell Hobson Says:

    You rock, chick lady. Oh please, oh please pick me.

  31. Jane Calloway Says:

    Mum’s the word! Beau­ti­ful arrange­ment! Happy birth­day to Harry!

  32. Dayloooo Says:

    Roses are rose, vio­lets are vio­let. Bacon.

  33. Sandie Anne Says:

    That is a beau­ti­ful pic­ture of those mums. I love all their col­ors for the fall. Adds a beau­ti­ful bou­quet to the color of the autumn leaves!