Feb 14

About Last Summer

I’m sit­ting here with seed and plant cat­a­logs scat­tered around—Plant Delights, Botan­i­cal Inter­estsBaker Creek, Cook’s Gar­den, John Scheep­ers…My Lee Val­ley 10-Year Gar­den Jour­nal is open to Feb­ru­ary. My Excel spread sheet plant inven­tory is open on my com­puter screen. The col­lec­tion I affec­tion­ately refer to as my Seed Vault is on the floor under my desk, threat­en­ing to over­flow into Seed Vault Two.

I’m bun­dled in a bulky sweater, fin­ger­less gloves and my warmest Ugg shoes. I hardly remem­ber what sum­mer looked like last year.

Potager in June

Potager in June

I know it was green. I’m pretty sure it was green. I remem­ber pick­ing toma­toes, cucum­bers, tiny mar des bois straw­ber­ries, Bright Lights Swiss chard. My hus­band and I spent many evenings under the stars fin­ish­ing din­ner and drink­ing wine, lis­ten­ing to the crick­ets and watch­ing the bats dart across the night sky. I can remem­ber the smell of freshly mown grass and basil pinched between my fingernails.

Gosh, my feet are cold. I should to make some hot tea.

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Zebra Swal­low­tail Butterfly

Oh yes, we had lots of but­ter­flies last year. Mon­archs, zebra swal­low­tails, east­ern tiger swal­low­tails, red admi­rals. I didn’t know the name of some of the but­ter­flies and moths but loved them just the same. I remem­ber won­der­ing why the mon­archs seemed so skit­tish and the east­ern tiger swal­low­tails would almost let me touch them.

celeste fig tree

Celeste figs

Oh, that’s right. All those celeste figs! So many I hardly knew what to do with them all. I stood next to the tree and popped them right into my mouth.

Maybe another pair of socks would help warm my feet.


Oh, the birds! That’s right. Our hum­ming­bird feeder had a lot of busi­ness last summer.

I should bun­dle up and go top off the bird feed­ers now. That bird­bath could use some hot water to melt the ice too.

Lemon grass in the foreground

Lemon grass in the foreground

So much lemon grass! I remem­ber I was glad I only planted one since it nearly crowded out the cone flowers.

And the aspara­gus was fill­ing in nicely. I think we can pick some more this year.

Asparagus berries

Aspara­gus berries

Ah yes. There was color too. Pur­ples and blues and oranges and yellows.


It’s awfully cold in here. Maybe I should just turn up the heat for a lit­tle while.

Oh, that’s right. It’ll be bet­ter soon.

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8 Responses to “About Last Summer”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Doesn’t it make us happy to dive into the archives and see our warmer days pics! Wait­ing patiently for sun­shine here.

  2. Diane C Says:

    I’m so done with win­ter. I can only imag­ine how you folks feel on the East­ern seaboard.

  3. Sensiblegardening Says:

    I’ve never seen aspara­gus berries befor, did not know it even had them!

  4. Marian St.Clair Says:

    Figs and but­ter­flies and basil, oh my! You do know how to paint a pretty pic­ture. Only 32 days until spring!

  5. John Says:

    I did the same thing yes­ter­day. I dug out my gar­den pho­tos from over a decade ago. It was a blast to see how far the gar­den has come. Also, it’s nice to remind our­selves that win­ter is a tem­po­rary state. Seed cat­a­logs and pho­tos are life­savers. Here’s to spring!

  6. Swimray Says:

    It’s nice to look back (and of course for­ward) at this time of year. I am reminded that I still have a but­ter­fly post to write from last year, too.

  7. Nelson Says:

    WOW! I love the idea of plant­ing lemon grass in the gar­den. As this hum­ble grass relieves stress and insomnia.

  8. Joseph Farinaccio Says:

    Robin, you are a sum­mer girl after my own heart. I too love its sights, sounds and smells. Thanks for shar­ing these won­der­ful gar­den tid­bits from a few of your favorite things from last year’s warm grow­ing season.