I have been doing a lit­tle bit of blog house­keep­ing this week. There is so much more I need to do, but I’m here to tell you that I finally fin­ished up (I think) the 2012 gar­den album.  From the com­pos­ite page you can click on a photo to see a big­ger pic­ture. If you click on it again, you can see an even big­gerer pic­ture and can check my focus and look for weeds and stuff.


I also added a small album of pho­tos I took at the Blaudel Reserve near Seat­tle Wash­ing­ton. The pho­tos don’t even come close to doing the place jus­tice, so really you just need to go and visit.

But wait! There’s more!!!

Over at my lit­tle Eggs & Chick­ens blog I have posted my review of the cook­book Flour by Joanne Chang. Go over there to read it and then click on the links to buy it from my lit­tle Ama­zon store. If 1,423,000 of you buy the book through my store, I can take some time off from my real job and still pay the cable tele­vi­sion bill. Joanne Chang would prob­a­bly appre­ci­ate it too. Thank you—from both of us.


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  1. home, garden, life Says:

    Hi Robin–

    I am a new­bie this year at Allen’s and so look for­ward to meet­ing every­one. I am told that most fly in a day ahead–do you? So much to do in such a short time!

    Please visit my blog and check out all the essays and pho­tos in the left col­umn. There are over 100 posts, so the search bar may be the best way to home, gar­den, life. ;-)

  2. Mark McKnight Says:

    Wow! You have very nice look­ing photos.

  3. Alex Burda Says:

    Pho­tos are amaz­ing, so colour­ful and vibrant. it is obvi­ous that you have a pas­sion for plants, flow­ers and gar­den­ing in gen­eral.
    It inspires me because my gar­den is a place that I enjoy so much!!!

  4. Nelson Says:

    Indeed the pho­tos are great! Thanks for shar­ing it!

  5. Charlie Says:

    In fair­ness the Bloedel Reserve is hard to cap­ture in a photo or in video. You really have to stand in the mid­dle of it all and breath it in, it also helps to take the ferry ride to get there. I have video at the fol­low­ing link if you would like to see it.