I have finally given up on squat­ting on the ground next to the dri­ve­way pot­ting up gar­den con­tain­ers. That’s right. I squat­ted when I pot­ted. No more. I have a new pot­ting bench.

We recently had a car­pen­ter out to do some repairs on the house. While he was here I handed him a photo of a pot­ting bench I saw on Pin­ter­est.

Potting bench on the shady side of the house

He gave me an unbe­liev­able price to knock it together.

This pot­ting bench is tall enough that I can have two large and one small gal­va­nized garbage cans below. The large ones hold pot­ting mix and leaf com­post. The smaller one holds bags of grit, ver­mi­culite and such.

There is also a step run­ning the length of the pot­ting bench so that I don’t have to stand in the mud on rainy days. The step also allows me to drag the garbage cans out onto the step with­out hav­ing to lift them on and off the plat­form below. So very handy.

The pot­ting bench is located on a shady-ish side of the house next to the out­door shower and a hose. This is where I gather plants I have divided and pot­ted, where I harden off seedlings, show­case my col­lec­tion of Guy Wolff pots and oth­er­wise hold plants until they get into the ground. It doesn’t entirely cover the unsightly heat pump units, but it does dis­tract from them.

Guy Wolff clay pots on the new potting bench

I am happy, happy, happy not to be a squat­ter pot­ter anymore.

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6 Responses to “Pot and Putter: My Cool New Potting Bench”

  1. commonweeder Says:

    It is won­der­ful to have a com­fort­able place to pot where all resources — water — are avail­able. Lucky you!

  2. Kat @Low Tide High Style Says:

    We have the per­fect spot to build one of these, but we’ve never got­ten around to cre­at­ing it. Yours is lovely.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Jan Doble Says:

    This is some­thing I’ve been want­ing to get ‘knocked out’ too…my hubby has said he’d do it but it just never seems to get done! Maybe some year… ;)

  4. Troy@FlexiblePVC.net Says:

    That looks great! I think I could put one of those together pretty eas­ily too– thanks for the idea and I’m glad it works out so well for you!

  5. @rogueslayer1 Says:

    This is fab­u­lous! Another thing on my list of things I’m going to do. At some point.

  6. Funeral Wreaths Says:

    The gar­den is look­ing lovely! place to pot where all resources water are available.