Did I tell you I have a new web­site with blog? Guess what it’s about. Bingo! Eggs &  Chick­ens!

The chick­ens in hard­hats are still work­ing on build­ing stuff, but the blog is up and run­ning. Today we fea­ture another blog­ger, Lisa S. from Fresh Eggs Daily. Read about our chicken talk here.

Eggs & Chick­ens will be a basic resource for peo­ple inter­ested in learn­ing about start­ing out and rais­ing back­yard chick­ens. And since most peo­ple I know who have back­yard chick­ens have eggs com­ing out of their ears, I’ll be shar­ing recipes that use up some of those eggs. Sorry, no chicken recipes on this blog.

Come on over for a visit. Wel­come Lisa and let me know what you think.

Cluck, cluck.

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It could be that I have a truly hor­rid mem­ory. But it’s also quite pos­si­ble that nature is just mess­ing with me.

See, it seems every spring some­thing out there in my gar­den takes on a life of its own and just grows. In par­tic­u­lar, nature really likes mess­ing with my con­tainer plant­i­ngs. I have a habit of just let­ting them go to ruin in the fall because the archi­tec­ture of the foliage acts as nature’s art­work when there isn’t much else to look at except the leaves I haven’t yet raked.

A few years ago nature sur­prised me with some self-seeded pan­sies and a sun­flower in one of those con­tain­ers. Lookee here!  I did not do that. I don’t even think I’m capa­ble of think­ing like that.

Here’s nature’s lit­tle sur­prise for me this year.

Okay, nature didn’t stick those pussy­wil­low branches into the decay of last summer’s con­tainer plant­i­ngs. But I’m pretty sure she put the hyacinths there. I think I would have remem­bered dig­ging down into rock hard soil under dead plants to plant bulbs.

Kathy Jentz at Wash­ing­ton Gar­dener mag­a­zine calls this squirrel-scaping. It’s just as good a name as any for nature’s lit­tle jokes. Now that I think about it, I could use more of this type of humor in my life.

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