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The Christ­mas hol­i­day saw the con­tin­u­a­tion of the lov­ing gift exchange between me and my younger brother, Dale.

Over the years, we have exchanged taxi­dermy frogs, poo-themed gifts, con­crete nose-picking trolls, bowls of coal, straight jack­ets and human-figure knife hold­ers. This year, I lamely returned the bowl of coal Dale sent a few years ago, prompt­ing him to ask if I had given up or if this meant he was sup­posed to return the coal to me again next year.

Dale’s gift had me in tears. Here it is…

Yes, that’s what you think it is. A horse head, as in The God­fa­ther.

This gift got a lot of mileage. Aside from mak­ing my sides hurt from laugh­ing, I got to sneak it into my brother-in-law’s bed over the Christ­mas hol­i­day. Some­how, he knew who did it.

Dale wins…this year. But I haven’t thrown in the towel. Just wait, lit­tle bro.


Your Sis

A num­ber of peo­ple have asked where my brother got the horse head. It’s avail­able sev­eral places on the inter­net, includ­ing here.


Per­haps you want to know what I gave my brother for our annual Christ­mas gift exchange?

My gift of a straight jacket for my crazy brother may not be as gross as his poo gifts, but I think it’s appro­pri­ate. He has a high stress com­puter job and also tends to be a bit, well, eccen­tric, if not out­right crazy some­times. What bet­ter gift than a straight jacket?


My card sug­gested this new straight jacket would be great for the days when he needs a jacket at work.

By the way, that’s his hand­some son, Blake, in the back­ground. He has another (a twin) named Hunter. (Actu­ally, that looks like Hunter to me now. Pick one.)

I hope you had a great hol­i­day. I have been at the Isle of Palms off the coast of Charleston, South Car­olina. We were blessed with unsea­son­ably warm weather, so I walked on the beach about two hours each day.

I ‘ve been work­ing on New Year goals. I am not one of those who poopoos the idea of goal set­ting (like my poopoo brother). In fact I find this such an invig­o­rat­ing time of year. I’ll be shar­ing my goal set­ting strat­egy shortly. Whoohoo!

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