The tem­per­a­tures here are in the low 30s today. It’s snow­ing. It’s blow­ing. My fin­gers are so numb from work­ing out­side clean­ing the chicken water­ers, I can hardly feel them. But despite the cold, the snow and the wind, one coura­geous lit­tle chicken mus­tered up the courage to lay her first egg today.

Along with the daily col­lec­tion of six eggs from the red, black and leghorn chick­ens I found a small, bluish-green sur­prise. It could only have been from one of the two Easter egg chickens.

easter egg 2

Now the ques­tion is, which Easter egg chicken pro­duced this win­ter surprise?

Was it Meredith?



Or was it Dorothy?



The chick­ens aren’t talk­ing. They’re wily that way.


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23 Responses to “And That’s Why They Call Her an Easter Egg Chicken”

  1. Rick Roberts Says:

    Dorothy is lovely. What breed is she?

  2. Robin Ripley Says:

    Hi Rick,

    Actu­ally, they call both Mered­ith and Dorothy Easter egg chick­ens! Go figure.


  3. Pam J. Says:

    I was talk­ing to a small chicken farmer recently. (He isn’t small and his chick­ens aren’t small but his farm is.) I told him I was inter­ested, like most of the world it seems, in hav­ing a few chick­ens in my back yard. I think I have enough space and I know I have enough pri­vacy. He said to me “fine idea…just don’t turn them into pets.” I smiled and thanked him, and as I walked away I though “well of course I would turn them into pets.” Mered­ith and Dorothy are quite beau­ti­ful. (PS: Loved your remark on Gar­den Rant … “I strongly sus­pect the rea­son there is such a dearth of good gar­den hard­goods is that gar­den­ers are, by and large, cheap.” Made me laugh!

  4. Carol Says:

    It’s a very pretty egg, regard­less of who laid it!
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..The Plant Pur­chase Per­son­al­ity Test =-.

  5. Mr. McGregor's Daughter Says:

    I’ve seen a green chicken egg. It is really dif­fer­ent look­ing. I won­der if it tastes dif­fer­ently from the white and brown eggs.
    .-= Mr. McGregor’s Daughter´s last blog ..Is My Freudian Slip Show­ing? =-.

  6. Robin Says:

    I’m curi­ous too! Does it taste the same?
    .-= Robin´s last blog ..Joy, My Wish for You, (and Spam) =-.

  7. Weeping Sore Says:

    I don’t raise chick­ens but ben­e­fit from the bounty of a nearby neigh­bor who does. Each week, we visit to buy a dozen eggs in the same lovely col­ors and sizes as yours. A while back, we went to eat at a restau­rant with friends who ordered eggs. The ane­mic yolks and rub­bery whites nei­ther looked nor tasted any­thing like the eggs raised by chick­ens with love.

  8. Kylee from Our Little Acre Says:

    The neigh­bors whose chick­ens we tend to when they need us lay eggs like that. Some­times they look more blue and other times they have a slight green­ish tint. We like to call them green so we can hon­estly say we eat green eggs and ham.
    .-= Kylee from Our Lit­tle Acre´s last blog ..Pro­cras­ti­na­tion Pays Off in Bulbs =-.

  9. Says:

    Love the blue/green egg! Our four hens are hang­ing in there with the cold so far but it’s brrrr cold out there!

  10. Lynn Says:

    Hi Robin! I have 5 Easter Egg chick­ens, along with some other types. But they are still young (about 2 months), they haven’t started lay­ing yet. I can’t wait for their eggs! Mered­ith and Dorothy are so pretty! Our Easter Egg chick­ens are still devel­op­ing their col­ors and feath­ers — I notice they are chang­ing col­ors alot these days as they mature, but I think they will be darker like Mered­ith. I’m also in MD — it is nice to find a local MD blog online!

  11. Terri Says:

    Hi Robin,
    I’m still try­ing to talk my hus­band into a few chick­ens. He knows they will be named (of course) and be pets. Is there any other way! Your pic­tures are fan­tas­tic. I buy my eggs (all col­ors like yours) at our local co-op. And yes! they are totally dif­fer­ent than what you get in a restaurant.

  12. Frances Says:

    Hi Robin, what beau­ties those hens are! My daugh­ter who raises chick­ens always called hers easter eggers. I thought she was mak­ing it up, but that must really be the name. Nice look­ing eggs. You could make a line of paints with those colors. :-)


  13. Frances Says:

    Hi Robin, what beau­ties those hens are! My daugh­ter who raises chick­ens always called hers easter eggers. I thought she was mak­ing it up, but that must really be the name. Nice look­ing eggs. You could make a line of paints with those colors. :-)

    .-= Frances´s last blog ..How To-Bonsai In Hyper­t­ufa =-.

  14. Susan Says:

    I am soooo envi­ous — would love a gar­den big enough for chickens…you don’t know how good you’ve got it :0)
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..return to fluff =-.

  15. Shannon Says:

    What a pretty blue egg!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Har­vest Update =-.

  16. Cindee Says:

    Lovely Eggs! I believe that the orig­i­nal name for Easter Egg Chick­ens is Arau­cana Chick­ens and they orig­i­nated in Chile. We also get “easter eggs” from a gent at my husband’s work. They taste the same — fresh!

  17. Julie Smith Says:

    What beau­ti­ful eggs! And lovely chickens!

  18. Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence Says:

    By the glean in her eye, I say it was Mered­ith! H.
    .-= Helen Yoest @ Gar­den­ing With Confidence´s last blog ..Mak­ing a Hyper­t­ufa Trough – Bet­ter Homes and Gar­dens =-.

  19. jon polvado Says:

    i fondly remem­ber as a young­ster hav­ing chick­ens and eat­ing the fresh eggs. mother pre­ferred hav­ing the smaller chicken with feath­ers on their legs. it was a lot of fun just watch­ing them. when i got on my own i even­tu­ally ended up with some. those pic­tures brought back some fond memories.

  20. Nell Says:

    Ari­co­nan chick­ens pro­duce blueish green eggs. I did a tile job once for a woman who raised them. She gave me a dozan of the most beau­ti­ful eggs I have ever seen. Nell

  21. bavaria Says:

    The eggs are beau­ti­ful and so are “the girls”.

  22. Diana Says:

    What beau­ti­ful Easter Eggers.
    .-= Diana ´s last blog ..Cur­ley Lays an Egg! =-.

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