Chick­ens are very dif­fi­cult mod­els. I must have about 4,000 chicken pho­tos. In 3,990 of them the chicken is fac­ing the wrong way, run­ning the wrong way or tak­ing a poop.

To pho­to­graph a chicken takes patience and Olympic-class squat­ting abil­ity. You must get down…wayyyyy down…into a squat posi­tion and stay there for about four hours while train­ing your cam­era on the chicken and wait­ing for him or her to gaze in your direc­tion. If you try and rush said gaze by, say, whistling, you will alarm the chicken into fac­ing the wrong way, run­ning the wrong way or tak­ing a poop.

So the fol­low­ing rep­re­sents about three weeks of squat­ting and wait­ing patiently. Enjoy. I have to go rub some Ben­gay on my quads now.

(You should be able to click on the photo to embiggen and see their purdy feathers.)

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24 Responses to “The Difficulty of Photographing Chickens”

  1. Gail Says:

    I totally loved being able to “embiggen and see their purdy feath­ers”. They are indeed pretty crit­ters. gail

  2. Layanee Says:

    Worth the squat­ting for me any­way. Is that T. Boone? He is handsome.

  3. scottsdale barbeque Says:

    Well they turned out really lovely!

  4. Mr. McGregor's Daughter Says:

    Con­grat­u­laions! On behalf of CAAPOA (Chicken Admir­ers and Pho­tog­ra­phers of Amer­ica) you now qual­ify for the cov­eted “Golden Knees” award for artis­tic merit. Good job!

  5. Cindy, MCOK Says:

    The chick­ens are as pho­to­genic as ever. That’s some mighty fine sweet potato vine you have there, too.

  6. Frances Says:

    Very beau­ti­ful pho­tos and chick­ens, Robin! Worth the sore quads. I love the hen house shot with the sweet potato vine. Noth­ing improves the soil like chicken manure.

  7. Madeline Houston Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle! I love your chicken house–too cute!

  8. Carol Says:

    Do chick­ens poop that much? Love the pic­tures and appre­ci­ate that you weeded out all the ones where they are poop­ing. Save those for another post…

  9. Robin Ripley Says:

    Carol — Chick­ens poop a LOT. I would guess each chicken poops 20–30 times/day. You can’t raise chick­ens and be too prissy.

  10. barak Says:

    Its remind me of this movie filmed in brazil “City of God” when they try­ing to catch the chicken

  11. Blake Smolensky Says:

    I lit­er­ally LOL’d at the pic­tures of the chick­ens in your gar­den! My neigh­bors used to have chick­ens, ducks, a turkey, among other farm animals…until some­one called and com­plained about the sub­urbs not being farm friendly. How does hav­ing chick­ens help your gar­den? Is it kind of like nat­ural manure? My fam­ily has been home-gardening for over 30 years, so I’m interested!

  12. Jo Says:

    Really pretty pic­tures. Your “In 3,990 of 4000 the chicken is fac­ing the wrong way, run­ning the wrong way or tak­ing a poop” reminded me of try­ing to have a pic of my 18 months old ;)

  13. yaniv Says:

    First and last pic­ture really good, one can see you invested a lot of patience to get such quality :-)

  14. Jen Says:

    I keep try­ing to get mine to respond to the word “freeze” but it isn’t working.

  15. michele Says:

    Well I can say I never thought much about tak­ing a pic­ture of a chicken but I can see your point. They look good.

  16. lauren scheuer Says:

    Found you some­how on Twit­ter and, well, love your pix and your words!

  17. Holly Says:

    First of all, I NEED you to post more about your chicken fam­ily. I love read­ing about all of their adventures.

    Sec­ond, how in the world do you have such beau­ti­ful hostas around your chicken coop? My 3 girls have com­pletely desto­ryed ours to the roots.

  18. Matt Says:

    This is cer­tainly one spoilt chicken, a lovely chicken house.

  19. Suzanne Says:

    I think these pic­tures are really good!

  20. andysmito Says:

    LOL I have my pet Japan­ese chicken taken at our back­yard and so with her friends Nina and Lena the two minia­ture chickens

  21. Trish Says:

    What beau­ti­ful chick­ens. I leave the pho­tog­ra­phy to my son, or there would be no pic­tures on my blog. Well done for get­ting the ones in your blog.

  22. Love my Lawnmower Says:

    LOL, you had me at “embiggen” ;-)

    The chick­ens look pretty neat too, by the way.

  23. greg Says:

    or tak­ing a poop! classic.

  24. Pam Says:

    Read­ing this makes me miss my chick­ens so much. Wish I could have them where I’m at. So much fun to read today and I love the pho­tos! Espe­cially the hen house shot.

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