Sum­mer Snowflakes (leu­co­jum aestivum)


Kingston Car­di­nal’ hellebores


Yoshino Cherry and Sophie

(As always, click on the photo to embiggen.)


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5 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Spring Sprang”

  1. Nate Armstrong Says:

    Oh my good­ness. . My wife would DIE for a beau­ti­ful Yoshino Cherry like that …and for Sophie! lol!

  2. Benita Bowen Says:

    Thanks, Nate for rec­om­mend­ing this gor­geous, fun site. I’m a fan and thank you, Robin.

  3. door251 Says:


    Love the blog, you def have a new follower.

    I was won­der­ing if you knew what kind of plants are good for heav­ily shaded gar­dens? we have a tiny tiny city gar­den, but it is sur­rounded by big oak trees which i sus­pect are suck­ing the life out of every­thing, cou­ple that with it not get­ting an ounce of sun and me being a com­plete novice, i’ve no idea what to plant in there, every­thing from last year died.

    thanks for your help!!

  4. Madeline Salmon Says:

    Lovely pic­tures. I am begin­ning a new veg­etable gar­den and would like to invite you to fol­low my blog, Gar­den­ing Upstream.

  5. Kate Rose Says:

    You have an amaz­ing gar­den pic­tures. I love Sophie’s shot in the last photo and the cherry tree, so lovely! I am grow­ing roses in my gar­den and I bet roses are great addi­tion to your gar­den too. :)

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